DIY Kitchen Towel Hang

DIY Sewing Project

Kitchen towel hangs are a great addition to any kitchen. I love these for gifts, such as for the holidays, or a house warming gift. They add a pop of color, and are easy to wash.  You can always spice it up by matching up to 2-3 coordinating fabric patterns. Let me show you how I made this Kitchen Towel Hang.

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Download, Print, and Cut out the Pattern shown here

The items you will need for this project:

Cut out two pieces of fabric A using the kitchen towel hang pattern that you downloaded. Then cut out 2 strips of fabric B, cut out to 7 inches x 3 inches, and one large strip for the bottom of the towel 17 inch x 3 inch.

Iron out all your pieces.


Fold one small strip in half horizontally, right sides together. Line up the strip ends with the end of fabric A. Sew using 3/8 seam allowance. Do the same for the other piece.


Now that you have both main body pieces done, you can sew them together right sides facing each other with a 3/8 inch seam allowance.


Turn right side out and cut out little notches around the corners so that the fabric doesn’t bunch.

Grab your plastic snap button kit and install your snaps according to the instruction of the kit. Use the pattern download for placement of your snap button.

Here is a link to the 12mm plastic snap button kit I bought from Amazon. This kit is amazing. I have used these snaps for many different projects such as dog bandana’s and a baby diaper holder. These are possible blog ideas for the future.

Sewing the strip to the bottom of the towel is optional. Fold the 17 inch x 3 inch in half. Then fold the ends in another 1/2 an inch and iron to keep it in place. Place the strip around the end of the kitchen towel, pin, and top stitch.

Next, set the pleaded towel into the hang portion and top stitch as seen in the photo below.

All done! Congratulations on finishing your kitchen towel hang project. These make great gifts, and are very useful in the kitchen. 


With Love and Aloha,
Kris Wong